Backerkit Upgrade Assistance for Kickstarter/Original Pre-Order Backers

This page is for the Shinobigami tribe that backed the game originally through Kickstarter, or our “You Missed The Kickstarter” webstore that was live shortly after the campaign ended; it’s to quickly guide you on how to upgrade your original pledge (the most common reason: Access to the physical book or limited edition hardcover version of Shinobigami).

You should have received your survey through Backerkit. It went to the email address registered in Kickstarter or through our webstore. If you didn’t get it, please reach out to me directly at “ziggurat ATMARK gmail DOT com“. Please confirm your order or any details about your purchase (the email you originally used etc)

If you pledged at a “PDF only” level and want to add on the physical book; or you backed at a physical book level and want to add on a limited edition book, you will need to upgrade your pledge level first. Here’s an example below, for a sample user who backed originally at the “All Electronic” level, and wants to upgrade to the Limited Edition Hardcover level, and perhaps purchase a second copy of the limited edition, or the original commercial version of the game, as an add-on for a friend.

It’s very simple: There’s an extremely small line of text on the Welcome Page, under the green “Get Started!” button, that will let you switch your pledge level. Just click on that to upgrade your pledge level!


After you select the pledge level you want (Electronic Only; Commercial 2-Book Set and all PDFs; Limited Edition book and all PDFs; or a copy of both commercial and limited editions and all PDFs), Backerkit will start your survey over. After confirming, you will be taken to an add-on page that will display all of the physical rewards for that level:


In the above screen, since this sample user upgraded their pledge to the “Limited Edition” level, they can see all the physical rewards: An additional core book (for a friend, etc), an additional core/expansion book set; an additional limited edition hardcover. There’s also the tip jar and the other bonus items (Tenra Bansho Zero, Tenra Bansho Zero Limited Edition, and Ryuutama).

Hope that explains everything. If you still have confusion, please email me at the email address above and I’ll get back with you within 24 hours.