Resources: A Collection of Shinobigami Resources, including character sheets, desktop backgrounds and the like.

Here are the basic resources needed to play Shinobigami.

Character Sheet – The English version of the Shinobigami Character Sheet

Table Summary Sheet – Important player reference for creating/ending scenes and battles

Velocity System Battle Sheet – The “Battle Mat” of Shinobigami


Websites and Communities

The Official Shinobigami Discussion Site on Google Plus – Come here for your questions and game discussions specific to Shinobigami. Or feel free to post on other community sites like the RPGNet forums or Reddit!

Kotodama Heavy Industries, where we publish other fine Japanese Role-Playing Games.

Adventure Planning Service’s original Shinobigami hub page, in Japanese (downloadable desktop backgrounds!)


Copestoned – The official ReverbNation and Facebook page for the metal/rock band from Henderson, NC whose single “Our Screams” appears in our Kickstarter video. See their official full-length video for Our Screams Here on Youtube.

Copestoned is produced by Forfeit Productions, you can find them here: